Need a Cleaning Schedule to Save You Time?

Tips from a House Cleaning Service Professional on How to Clean Your House

If Possible try to use a timer

Make a decision on how long you’re going to take to clean before you begin. Then, divide your time into segments. For instance, 20 minutes to vacuum and maybe the same again to clean the sink etc. Also, if you really dislike a job, such as cleaning the bathroom, understanding you’re only going to spend around 10 minutes there may make you feel a bit better about doing it.

Try not to use concentrated cleaning products

As a house cleaning service expert will tell you, this isn’t something manufacturers shout about; however, unless you use them sparingly, you’re just wasting money if you choose expensive cleansers. Normal strength products are sufficient enough for most cleaning tasks. You need very little detergent to safely clean a dirty floor, around 2 tablespoons of any standard brands mixed with half a bucket of water. Combined with bleach, putting in more won’t make it any more effective. Germs start to die from the second they come in contact with disinfectant, even when it’s only the recommended combination of 1 part bleach to 30 parts of hot water.

Clean windows for less

Save money on window cleaners by making your own. Just pour 4 litres of warm water into a bucket, then add 100 ml of white vinegar and a teaspoon dish detergent. If you are cleaning several windows, apply this mixture using a squeegee mop from the bucket. Other than that, put it into spray bottles for future use.

Give your sink a good clean

Abrasive cleaners will scratch your sink. Professionals tell homeowners to try an herbal bath. Place several pieces of rosemary or thyme into hot water for several hours, then strain them. Put the plug in the sink, and then pour in the herb concoction and allow it to sit overnight. When you get up the next day, you’ll see a glistening and fragrant sink.

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