Spending a Small Fortune on Cleaning Equipment?

How to Save Money on House Cleaning Products

Discount and several grocery stores sell several kinds of house cleaning equipment. Ranging from cleansers, scrubbers, and appliances have specific or general uses. Homeowners looking to save on money or to clean their homes without the need to use harsh chemicals can use homemade remedies for a fraction of the price.

Basic cleaning equipment starts out with debris collectors. On floors, static weepers or brooms will remove most dust, dirt and debris; however, vacuums will provide a better job on hard floors and carpets. Any and all debris must be removed while dry because adding liquid makes it much harder to remove. A dry mop which is designed to be washed will also help to save money.

Scrubbers, brushes, sponges and rags are used to remove dirt and stains, when combined with cleaning products. Microfiber and lint free cloths are excellent on glass or fragile surfaces because they can gently clean without creating any scratches. Brushes and scrubber pads will remove more stubborn dirt, like found on bathtubs and countertops. An important piece of equipment is a sturdy plastic bucket.

Speciality cleaning products and disinfectants are good to use on countertops and floors, in addition to tubs, toilets and sinks. Manufacturers recommend a specific method for their products. Some can give off harmful fumes and need to be used in ventilated rooms. Bleach also works like a disinfectant, but note that chlorine bleach and ammonia must never be mixed.

Elaborate cleaning equipment can be very expensive. Water extraction carpet cleaners can be hired in order to save on money. Robotic vacuums are beneficial because they work by themselves. Vapour steam cleaners can remove dirt and germs on numerous surfaces. However, they should never be used on materials unable to withstand high temperatures and moisture.

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