How to Clean The Tile Floors around Your Home

5 Tips to Perform an Immaculate Tile Cleaning Service

Tile flooring is durable and waterproof, which makes it suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of the home that might get wet occasionally. With proper tile cleaning, your tile flooring will look like new for many years. Here are some professional cleaning service techniques that will help you clean your tiles.

Freshly cleaned tiles1. Sweep or vacuum your tile floors daily

This will remove food crumbs, dirt and other debris that can be found on your tile floors. If dirt is allowed to remain in wet areas, it will quickly turn into grime that is hard to remove. Sweeping or vacuuming should also be performed every time before you mop or clean your tile floors. After the floors have been swept, run a dry cloth duster over the floors.

2. Clean spills as soon as they happen

If you drop a glass of wine or even water, you have to clean it immediately. If it remains on the floor for a long time, it will soak into the grout. Dried fruit juices and sodas will become unpleasantly sticky over time. Avoid using disinfectants on the area of the spill. Strong chemicals may damage tile flooring.

3. Mop your floors with warm water

If there are no stains on your floors, cleaning the floor with a damp mop should be sufficient. After mopping one part of the floor, cleanse the mop in fresh warm water. Repeat several times, until the entire floor is cleaned.

4. Dry the floor

This is a rule every cleaning service provider keeps. Whether or not you use a detergent mixed with your water, always run a dry mop over the wet floor. This will prevent new dirt from sticking to the floor.

5. Perform deep cleaning for better results

Prepare a solution of warm water and vinegar and use it to mop the floor. ? cup vinegar is mixed with a gallon of water, and then the floor is mopped as usual. If the surface still does not look clean to you, mop again, using a detergent and fresh water.

Always rinse the floor with clean water after you are done with the deep cleaning service. If not removed from the tiles, residual soap will attract and hold dirt. As we know tile cleaning can be a tedious chore, we suggest that you hire somebody else to do it for you. Try the services of Organic & Natural Cleaning, in Vancouver, WA. They are affordable and are just a phone call away!

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